Prompt 9 – What are my priorities right now?

This prompt is appropriate as April often becomes one of the busier months of my year. This is a tremendous opportunity to settle down and re-examine my own priorities as I look at supporting my own self care during this chaotic time of year.

Life as Ashlee and finding my own acceptance is a strong priority for me right now. It’s been incredible to look around and find the many different ways that I’ve been accepted and encouraged to succeed. To be affirmed is one of the best feelings that I have some hope to find my path. I’ve set a goal to find a way to celebrate Ashlee at least once per week so that I’m able to allow my truest self to come out and that has been so good for my soul.

The easiest way has been to take the time to do something as Ashlee. To get completely made up and dressed up for the occasion. Even just a simple dinner can go a long way to helping me feel good for my soul. This commitment has made taking it all off so much easier and stronger because I am focused on knowing that I will make time again soon and there is no fear that weeks may go by before I am able to be here again.

For so long, the presentation was important. Feeling everything needed to be in place for me to be truly Ashlee but as I have come out more and have the opportunity to connect with others as Ashlee, it has taken it to a whole different level.

At the end of the day, this is a priority about my own self love. We all deserve the opportunity to have that self love and to practice it daily – to do what we need to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am Ashlee. I am transgender. I am valid. I matter.

Making that a priority has been the best decision I’ve made. I’m so proud of myself because I can finally say those things. We all deserve that.

❤ Ashlee


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